Flowery bikes, eco-living and diversity


Amsterdam is softening its ‘stay away’ messaging - but it still wants to deter rowdy visitors.

Amsterdam has desperately been trying to shake off its ‘party capital’ image - with limited success.

After its 2023 campaign urging drunken British tourists to ‘stay away’ failed, the city is trialling a softer approach.

Hoping to attract “a different type of visitor”, according to a press release from the local authority, the new ‘Renew Your View’ campaign encourages tourists to see the city through a local’s eyes.

Taking aim at those who “seek sensation and vulgar entertainment” at the city’s Red Light District and ‘coffee shops’, it promotes a different side of the city, free from transgressive behaviour and rowdy bachelor parties.

The campaign will start early next year and run until the end of 2025.

Get to know real Amsterdammers
Painting the city as a place for “ideas, initiatives and inspiration”, Amsterdam’s ‘Renew Your View’ campaign features flower bikes, LGBTQ+ culture and green living.

It emphasises the city’s diversity of people and viewpoints, saying “Amsterdam makes you see… how you can be just you, while giving room to others too.”

But if being you means chugging 10 beers, getting high out of your mind and trawling the Red Light District, you’re still not welcome.


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